Race Day Information

Before the race

Competitors are asked to register in accordance with the information they receive from the organisers. At registration each competitor (or team) will be given a race number (to be worn on the FRONT of their T-Shirts/Tri-Suits) and further instructions for the day.

If competitors are using separate running shoes and cycle shoes, the running shoes should be left in the car park of the Plume of Feathers (T2) before departing for Lord Wandsworth College to begin the triathlon.

Please note that the event takes place over a number of hours and the roads between Crondall and Lord Wandsworth College form part of the race course for the run and the cycle ride. Please look out for fellow competitors who might be travelling at speed!


The swim element of the Crondall Triathlon takes place in the indoor swimming pool at Lord Wandsworth College.

Parking and changing facilities are available.

Bikes and any other equipment should be left in the allocated transition area.

Each competitor is provided with a unique start time and will swim 400 Metres (16 lengths) before exiting the building (WALKING) and collecting to their bikes for the first transition (T1).

Towels, goggles, other items can be left at Lord Wandsworth College and we will endeavour to get these items returned to you, at the Plume of Feathers, after the event. However - we cannot guarantee this and suggest that you make your own arrangements with a friend, partner or family member.


All competitors are required to wear a helmet. The ride is about 20 Kilometres (approx 12 miles). The map here shows the route. There is a written description available here.

For those competitors who have not cycled the route before - be advised that while there are marshals at key junctions, they may be a few miles apart. We suggest you study the route carefully in advance.

When competitors see a marshall on the route, they are asked to shout out their race number as they pass.

The second transition (T2), from bike to run, is in the car park of the Plume of Feathers pub in Crondall.  The entrance is to the left of the pub, at the front, as you approach from the village shop along The Borough. There will be marshals guiding you into the car park and more to take your bike and place it on the rack for you.

While the Crondall Triathlon is a race, competitors are expected to abide by the Highway Code.

NB. Any competitors who wish to should leave their running shoes here before travelling to Lord Wandsworth College.

The cycle route

See a map of the route by clicking here.


The run route exits from the main car park entrance onto Church Street, where competitors turn left and run up the street, turning right into Croft Lane, passing the Church and the Village Hall. The route follows Croft Lane, down the hill and then right until it joins the Well Road, where competitors turn right again then back into the village and to the Plume of Feathers to complete the lap. 

Competitors run this lap three times. At the end of the third lap they take the filter lane to the finishing line opposite the pub. They are asked to tear off the timing strip from their race number and pass it to the timing marshals.

Competitors' bikes will remain on the racks until they wish to collect them. While the marshals will remain in the car park until the event finishes - the bicycles will NOT be looked after the race has finished.


Team members are asked to read the above. Cyclists should wait at Lord Wandsworth to be "tagged" by the swim member of the team. Likewise, the runner should wait in the car park of the Plume of Feathers to be tagged by the cyclist.

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