Cycle route for first timers

Images from each point on the map are shown below.



1. The left turn into Wingate Lane.

 Wingate Lane Long Sutton

2. The left turn at Bentley crossroads

Bentley Crossroads

3. The sharp right turn on Hole Lane, soon after Bentley.

Hole Lane

4. The Junction at the top of Hole Lane. Turn left towards Well.

Hole Lane junction

5. The right hand turn in Well towards Crondall.


6. The sharp left hand turn off the Well Road (before Crondall)

 Well Road

7. The Right hand (Give Way) junction in Bowling Alley.

Bowling Alley

8. The right hand turn into Pankridge Street, Crondall.

Pankridge St

9. The end of the cycle. Turn left before the Plume of Feathers (the gate will be open on the day!). Transition is in the pub's car park.

 Plume of Feathers Crondall

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