What they said.....

What they said...
Comments from some of our previous competitors:


"I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how marvellous the CT was again this year. In fact I think it gets better and better. You and your team did a brilliant job yet again. Many thanks from the Johnsons, three quarters of whom competed and really enjoyed the whole thing!"

"Dear Organisers - just a line or two to add my thanks to you all for another great event yesterday but before I put it to bed for another year just whose idea was the sheep then? Were they a team - if so who signed their entry form and why weren't they in the [great] T shirts? They certainly looked like a team all wearing those cream coloured short woollen tops!! I saw them on the bike route and indeed nearly joined them [!] but obviously missed them in the pool! Anyway they looked as if they were enjoying it all ...if nothing else I suppose they were just being...wait for it...'sheepish'...sorry!!"

"Great day and a great story - sorry about 'baahing' on about the sheep but I doubt that I will ever have a better excuse!!"

"Thanks again - look forward to next year"

"Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed every aspect of the day. Thoroughly well organised, even managing to secure perfect conditions for those taking part and for those spectating. Hope to be back next year - just have to decide whether it's team or individual entries!

Many thanks to you all for your hard work in making the event so enjoyable!

Team Jacobs"

"Dear Crondall Triathlon Organisers

Thank you so much for organising yet another fantastic event this year. The event ran to time, the marshals were well placed and out in good number, the weather was superb and the atmosphere buzzing.

A truly enjoyable day,

Thank you,


"Just a quick mail to say a big thank you to all the organisers!

My fellow competitors and I (Mark Taylor, Richard Turner, Chris Day) regularly compete around the World and UK up to Ironman distance every year but we can sincerely say that the one event we cannot miss is Crondall. The course is scenic and testing and the finish at the pub is fantastic for family and friends to enjoy a real fun social occasion.

I know that Mark and Rich were panicking more about almost missing out on competing at Crondall this year than the London and Windsor tri!

We'll be back year after year - you have a brilliant event on your hands which we cannot praise highly enough.


Mike, Rich, Chris and Mark"

"Dear Organisers,

Just wanted to say what a fab event, really well organised and really great fun (absolutely shattering as well but at least I got to the end without breaking anything) I have collected about £285 in sponsorship and wondered what I should do with it? Should I drop it into the pub next time I'm in the village or should I send it directly to Diabetes UK? Please let me know. Thanks once again, and i guess I'll have to get into training for next years event (once I've recovered from this one) Tinki xxx"

"Julian (and your large band of merry helpers) Many thanks for another great tri ... next year can the competitors get pink T-shirts too pls Cheers Basil"

"Hello The Organisers

Just a quick email to say thank you for creating such a great event. It was my first triathlon, and your excellent organisation/ planning and the general atmosphere made it better than I could ever ask for. - i may have even been a bit spoilt as I hear triathlons can normally be a bit competitive!!! I hope I can enter next year and beat my time!!

Thanks again, Lloyd Gray"

"Many thanks to the whole organisation team without whom this fantastic event could not run. Looking around after the event I couldn't get over all of the happy, smiling faces that were around the area. This event brings a lot of joy to a lot of people. Keep up the fantastic work. My start time at the pool ( 11.49 ) was delayed by 1 and 1/2 minutes would this have been taken into consideration ? Many thanks

Jon Grant"
Editor's note: Jon - yes the delay would have been taken into account

"Thank you for organising. It's a great event. Good day out for competitors and spectators.....and lucky with the weather again!!

See you next year,


"Dear Organisers And Competitors

I just wanted to thank everyone personally for a Great Day! I must say I was pleased with my time as its nice to know I've not slowed as I near the Big 40 Can't wait for next year now! So Training starts Tomorrow!!!!

Well done and See you all on the start line next year!


"Dear organisers

Thank you for organising such a fun event. I thoroughly enjoyed it despite getting a puncture on the first hill which my support team (husband and kids) came to repair. I then set off again 20 minutes later and managed to complete the rest of the event without further hiccups. It was great to be cheered on around the village by such a friendly crowd. I have done the Hart triathlon a few times but yours was much more fun and I will definitely be entering next year and dragging a few friends along to! Already looking forward to next year. Thanks for all your hard work

Jill Brown"

"Dear Organisers

I'd just like to thank you all for organising such a fantastic event! It was my first triathlon, having decided to work towards one several years ago! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole event and had a lot of fun training for it. I even pulled my 25 year old racing bike out of the shed and had it serviced - it went like a dream! My main target was to finish the race in one piece and after that I thought I'd be really pleased if I managed to get round in under 2 hours. I was ecstatic with my time of 1.34!! I have next year's date in my diary and am looking forward to it already! Once again, thank you for all your hard work organising such a great event.
Sophie Gasson"

"Thanks. I was exhausted but really enjoyed it - especially all the clapping and cheering while you're running. I thought the marshals did a fantastic job round the cycling and running route, very reassuring for me a triathlon novice! Looking forward to taking part next year, even though it falls actually on my birthday!

Joanna Chipperfield (49)"

"A quick note to say that it was a great event. The new format of swim worked really well, and the village atmosphere that you maintained even though the event is attracting more competitors was really good. Looking forward to next year's event already!! Regards,


"Dear Organisers
May I just say congratulations on organising such a fantastic triathlon. I was a tri virgin and will certainly be doing it again if they are as enjoyable as last sunday. The atmosphere was superb as was the organisation of the whole event before, during and after the event. You are all to be congratulated and i hope to see you next year. Many thanks

Jonny Priest"

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