Past Winners (Men)


1st C Birch 57:42
2nd C Fawkes 1:01:20
3rd J Porter 1:02:56


1st D Pearce 56:26
2nd M Taylor 58:06
3rd P Manning 58:00


1st M Taylor 58:36
2nd G Russ 1:00:37
3rd F Dawson 1:00:38


1st C Birch 57:30
2nd P Manning 1:01:33
3rd A Walford 1:02:22


1st M Taylor  58:12
2nd F Dawson 58:33
3rd G Russ 58:54


1st C Birch    55:26
2nd M Taylor 58:42
3rd C Day 59:06



1st T Wyles 56:44
2nd K Rush 57:07
3rd I White 57:34


1st K Rush 56:44
2nd I White 57:25
3rd T Wyles 59:01


1st C Birch 54:42
2nd M Rix 59:39
3rd J Thomas 1:00:58


1st C Birch 54:44
2nd I White 54:48
3rd M Taylor 58:43


1st I White 55:45
2nd M Taylor 57:32
3rd R Brooke 57:44


1st I White 56:23
2nd M Taylor 59:56
3rd R Powell 1:01:15


1st C Day 59:42
2nd M Williams 1:03:53
3rd R Swart 1:07:27


1st C Day 59:33
2nd R Prebble 1:00:15
3rd R Fairhurst 1:04:15


1st C Day 1:00:36
2nd R Fairhurst 1:00:50
3rd C Maclean 1:10:35

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The Crondall Triathlon has become a popular annual event for families and spectators and there are numerous opportunities for friends and families to cheer the competitors along.

The Plume of Feathers pub in the centre of Crondall is the focus of the day and provides the best location for spectators as it is the finish of the 20 Km bike ride along with the start and finish of the 5 Km run. Runners complete three laps around the village, passing the pub on each lap - so there is plenty of opportunity to shout encouragement to the participants as they sprint past!

On the day there is NO car parking at the Plume of Feathers and there is limited on street parking in the centre of the village.  Visitors and competitors are advised to park away from the centre of Crondall and proceed on foot. Please be considerate when parking and do not obstruct local residents or competitors!

The event itself is followed by a BBQ and prize giving outside pub.

For further information please e-mail us:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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